Why am I am running to keep my seat as a Ramsey County Judge?

May 1, 2022

I am Ramsey County District Judge David Brown. I would be honored to earn your vote to keep my seat as a Ramsey County Judge.

I am running because I care deeply about justice and the people living in Ramsey County. I have a long history of serving our community as a judge, a prosecutor, and a long-time Ramsey County resident.

I am running because I take the job of judge very seriously. The Ramsey County Courts deal with cases that have a real impact on peoples’ lives. I am committed to¬†protecting our community, listening to people with an open mind, treating everyone fairly and with respect, protecting constitutional rights as well as the rights of victims, and always impartially administering the rule of law.

I believe I have done all of that in my years serving as a Judge, and will continue serving Ramsey County as a District Court Judge with the help of your important vote.