What qualities and experience make a good judge?

May 10, 2022

When you think about voting for judges, ask yourself if they have the values and experience to make good judgements.

I grew up in Roseville here in Ramsey County and my parents taught me to treat others with respect. To act with integrity. To listen to others even if you disagree with them. To be fair and compassionate.  My wife and I raised our daughters with these same values. I think these are qualities that make a good judge and I have tried hard to bring them to my work as a Ramsey County Judge.

Experience matters.  In my time on the bench, I have presided over hundreds of criminal cases. Before my appointment as a judge, I spent 35 years as a felony prosecutor keeping our community safe. I have prosecuted homicides, child abuse, sex assaults, robberies and other violent crimes. I have also argued many cases before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and Minnesota Supreme Court.

I earned the respect of lawyers from all over Minnesota and served as President of the Minnesota County Attorney’s Association. I also earned the respect of attorneys nationally and have given lectures all over the country on trial skills and ethics.

I will continue to work hard as a judge to protect your families and your rights. Please turn the ballot over and vote to Keep Judge David Brown for Ramsey County District Court.